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In the Asian culture the fish brings many good things to you. This is one of those fish that was done by Changs Husband for me. Chang looks a little like the lady holding the fish. What will this beautiful moving fish do for you?

Abundance and prosperity as the fish is seen as swimming free.

Yin and yang. This will balance you with peace and harmony. This part of the fish brings you happiness and balance.

Protection by warding off curses and bringing you great blessings.

Longevity, long life and good health.

Good luck and fertility by means of reproducing or adoption. The good luck is just that in all of your endeavors.

Spiritual Awakening. This allows you to open up your mind and tap into all things hidden from this life and past lives. This also allows for you to see things or read them and understand deeper by unlocking hidden knowledge.

This is a great piece and it’s a vintage pendant. I don’t know if it’s gold or not.

Amazing Asian Fish

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