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We are not sure where the powers from this piece of c**. We know that they are not powers or energies that originate from this Earth. We know this because we've gone over this piece with a very powerful and in tune sorcerer, he's been alive for thousands of years because he's immortal. He said that in his time on Earth he has never experienced something like this, as far as the energies are concerned. He could not pinpoint its origins.

That's okay though because despite the fact that we don't know the origins of the powers and his peace we know what the powers do. The qualities of the power in this piece are second to none.

I don't know what you're going through in Life or what's your experiencing, and frankly I don't need to. The fact is that at some point we all need a little bit of healing whether that healing is spiritual, whether that healing is emotional, whether that healing is physical, we all needed at some point in our lives. That's what this piece is designed to do.

This piece has a very invigorating current that when worn will run through your body. The current will immediately begin rectifying any spiritual malady it finds in your body. There are an endless list of complications that can ensue from not having your energies and your body properly aligned. In fact, even physical injuries can be a result of the fact that your spiritual self is not cleansed or healed.

The alien healing magic is kept within this necklace specifically as dependent which features real turquoise.

No need to worry though because that is the whole point of this piece. It will heal what is broken. And our experience with working with this piece it has healed emotional damage, spiritual brokenness, psychological damage, energetic illnesses, and even physical illnesses. This is what we are offering you, it might not seem like the most astounding or eye-opening ability but to some it is the beginning to a long road of recovery.

Alien Healing Magic

SKU: 1302349
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