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Sterling size 5 with Garnet.


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What happens when modern people attempt to excavate the land in Turkey's northern Trabzon province? The works unearth an underground city that dates back 4,000. The city belonged to the Byzantine Empire in the ancient days but lies in ruin these days. No worries, though. Most of the ancients were nearly obsessed with making sure that everything was recorded. Record they did and it has worked out in our favor.

After a proper investigation of the subterranean city commenced, we were almost immediately sent an artifact for testing. We held onto this piece for a few months and tested the powers in the item on a daily basis. We have set the powers of this item into this piece. The piece holds the powers of the sacred scroll that was sent to us.

The ancient Turks, specifically the Byzantine Empire were known to be into the magic and occult. I mean, most of the people were back then. As such, the scroll that was sent to us to work with wasn't just another scroll attempting to the keep the times alive. It was the grimoire of an ancient Byzantine Empire. On the scroll was written a system of spells that was used the sorcerer. This is a collection of magic and castings from which very few things are discluded. What I'm saying is that this was a very powerful sorcerer who was capable of casting almost any type of spell, white, dark, or otherwise. This is much different than the original ones we put on but I do have those too. This was our Byzantine Vampire & Sorcerer, so you see why it was kept! His name is Alexios. He is of tan skin with blue Silvery eyes lined in black. They are really unique looking! He has helped with many casting and even brought to us spirits. That is only the beginning! He can summon anyone and cast almost anything.

Alexios, Byzantine Vampire

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