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I rarely have these to put on so those that want it are lucky! This is a sanguine vampire. This is a female and her name is Azura. She will not hurt you but she is true sanguine. Being in a spirit state she would like to be in a human body. She will not do this unless you specifically want her to and allow her to. Her death was somewhat untimely by another of her kind. Azura was turned back in the 1500’s against her will but came to accept her situation. She is by no means evil or dark! I tried to duplicate the best picture of her that I could. The picture with the guy and the symbol is her symbol to her group. No one was happy about her demise because during her changing she kept her same personality. Many times when one is turned sanguine it’s not good because the personality changes. They become like heroine addicts. She did not. She ate from only those who allowed her. If you know someone who would allow her to use their body that is fine too. She would still be indebted to you and wants to. She was extremely powerful even when she was first changed. That to is not normal. She thinks it’s because of her genetics at the time. She again kept her personality. The power she had right from the get go was not a normal thing but it is also thought that it had to do with her birth month? Either way this is pure vampire power in sterling silver which she works from. You can use the power and have a friend or allow her to take a body. If a body is taken there will be no aging. There is full protection no matter what. I may, MAY get in a male but I’m waiting to see.


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