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This one is sterling silver and all about beauty and change. When using this ring everything changes for the better. This includes your confidence and how you portray yourself. This isn’t just about beauty but of course gives that. Here is the list of supernatural gifts it brings to you.

Fresh looking skin with fine lines starting to delete them. Fuller lashes and you will see eye change! Look in the mirror before wearing the ring. Give it a few days and look will see them starting to change. More shiny with flecks of a different color to compliment you. Mine went from dark brown to hazel. They still have brown but you can definitely see the green now. Smooth skin all over. Fuller hair that’s not dry. Better nails and body. Some things do take longer but it works. All the beauty items listed can be done for what you need. This is sterling silver and comes with a water element for added psychic ability.

A total change

SKU: 4124051
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