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Personal Awakening

This piece is done for each person individually. All items will be in sterling silver and done just for you.

The Personal Awakening is to place your supernatural abilities where you can use them. This brings them to the forefront of your spirit.

This is done by pealing off the layers that bind you to darkness. Darkness is not meant in the evil sense but rather to lift the curtains of leading to your full potential.

The way this is done is by using your birthdate and country of birth. With that information a search is done using the Akashic records. Everything that comes up good or supernatural is then taken and placed into a sterling piece for you.

You then wear that piece for two weeks or have it close to your skin. The energy is transferred to you and after that there is no need to wear it. You can pull it out and wear it as you want an energy boost after that.

This doesn’t just place those abilities into you but looks to remove anything bad. Before the bad is removed we contact you to let you know what is on your tract. You let me know if you want it to stay or go.

We are able to see everything, past deaths, illness, relationships and even those you know in this life. We let you know everything we can do once we have the information.

A Personal Awakening

SKU: Custom order
  • We need certain info to complete this for you. Your information is never shared.

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