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The square Turquoise Ring isn’t yet available but will be by tonight.


A Formal Introduction

Getting in touch with your ancestors. Many people might think they do not care but here is a way to look at it. If you have children, you probably can’t wait to see your grandchildren. Then you want to see their children. It’s called seeing your linage. My daughter has three babies and it’s so exciting! I see how the one is just like me. It’s crazy! Actually they are all like me and one just like her mom. When I’m dead I will want to keep looking at my line as it keeps going. Another thing is think about one break, just one break in your chain and you wouldn’t be here! These ancestors are interested in you. They want to help because if something happens to the line or tree, it’s broken, gone forever. When you try to make contact they are very happy! My great grandmother made contact with me over something she needed to tell her daughter but I couldn’t deliver that message due to family situations. Of course there are some better left unreachable. These pieces will protect from them and move to those who are good for you. This is in place because as a real medium I know in death they do not change. They keep their personalities they had in life. Some realize they did wrong and others just don’t give a crap. It’s better to leave those out if your life. So any detected bad or harmful intentions are blocked. You may also combine these with intentional pens to write directly to them where they may see it. It’s a great combo I check out. You can use these alone with no problem. The act of buying one and keeping this description is all you need to do. I made sure there is a piece for everyone. Some of the pieces were 200 and up but you certainly won’t pay that. Some have real diamonds and most of real stones but all are in sterling. When you make contact or even before, try to learn your heritage.

A Formal Introduction

  • These are not cheap or bad quality but some costing over 200!

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