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14k gold, real Ivory, real blood Ruby and what I think is Angel Skin Coral. This is a size 6 or 5. You may wear on your finger or on a gold or sterling chain.


It seems as though the definition of an Angel has somewhat been misconstrued. In today's culture when somebody says angel, the image often times is automatically associated with pre-Raphaelite and renaissance paintings. It seems to be that these images are much more comfortable for humans to comprehend, that angels ALL appear in shining white light form to deliver white light magic or messages from God. This is simply not the case and the masses need to wake up and realize that there are a whole spectrum of angels. I'm not saying that the shining beings from Heaven don't exist-- because surely they do. However, I want people to be doubly sure that they are not the ONLY type of angel to exist. There are many different types of angels, including dark angel, astral angel, angels that appear in human form and so on. There also fallen angels, which are the type that influences the item that I am about to describe to you.


The Book of Enoch tells us that 200 rebel angels went up in arms. Under their appointed leader, Shemyaza, they banded together and decided to transgress the laws laid forth for them by God. They descended on to the plains and took wives of the mortal kind. These angels became known as the Watchers, teaching the human race a vast majority of the secrets and empowerment that they learned from the realm of Heaven before they descended upon Heaven to take mortal wives. Each of the 200 Watchers was empowered with a special gift, which they passed on to the human race in the immediate surroundings. Their secrets flourished on Earth.

Their glory was short-lived, though. As the Watchers multiplied with their wives, their offspring eventually became larger and more powerful because naturally they contained the magic of the Watchers. They became a race of giant humanoid beings, who thrived in the magic of the Watchers, called the Nephilim. God eventually took notice that his secrets had been dispersed and killed the Nephilim in the Great Flood. He also punished the Watchers, forcing them to renounce their glory and turn over their power.


However, there are those of the Watcher bloodline who have continued to flourish. They do so secretively because their identities must remain secretive. I cannot tell you where I got this or from whom. I will tell you that it comes from a friend of mine who is a descendant of the Watchers. He gave me this item as part of a swap. Jason and I tested it together. The results were amazing.


When using this piece, it will enlighten your mind. It will allow you to see through the eyes of the 200 Watchers, to learn their ways and to obtain each one of their secrets. These secrets are 200 secrets of the Throne of God that they have held by the Watchers since ancient Times. They are a diabolical form of magic and are dual in nature, as they have fallen with the angels who will be giving them to you. You don't have to anything other than grasp this piece and you will feel the power begin to rush over your body as you begin to see through the eyes of each individual Watcher to know what the know and to feel what the feel. You will experience what they did and travel with them along their journeys. In this way, you will know ALL of their powers-- there's at least 200 of them!!


This piece was also tested by myself in in doing so I found that it can do a lot more then first expected. your power is doubled by 1,000 times. Not only are you embedding the power of the watchers but you can become one. This is a transformation piece as well. If you do this and then decide it is not or you,you don't have to go through a transformation at all. You simple say no and you still get the power to use as you wish. This is one of a kind.

200 Ancient Watchers

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