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15+ Years Ago-Luxor

These next few listings I sold more than 15 years ago. I just located them in one of my storage units. I set them aside because I have so much to get on. It’s not just that but I have been looking for a post I did on a blog about Montauk 2 in NJ. They say the internet never lets go of anything but I think that one they did. I can’t find it for the life of me. While looking I came across my reviews on CH which you can find for at least two of these items. I believe there are 67 pages of reviews for I will post about those soon on my blog at

These are the Luxor beads. These are the small ones. You can find the reviews on these starting on page 1 at CH. I only have a few of them so get them while you can because this will be it. The reviews are under haunted curiosities.

15+ Years Ago Luxor

SKU: 792229
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