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You get one piece.

15+ Years Ago- Healing

These next few listings I sold more than 15 years ago. I just located them in one of my storage units. I set them aside because I have so much to get on. It’s not just that but I have been looking for a post I did on a blog about Montauk 2 in NJ. They say the internet never lets go of anything but I think that one they did. I can’t find it for the life of me. While looking I came across my reviews on CH which you can find for at least two of these items. I believe there are 67 pages of reviews for I will post about those soon on my blog at

These are real and not lab created pieces of Amber. A lot of it is called Butterscotch Amber. I do believe almost all of it can be strung. This does one hell of a job in healing! These pieces not only remove the bad but then toss it away. These pieces can be used over and over again. Some are very tiny pieces. Some are small and a few medium. I’m just reaching in and packing them up. To use these you MUST allow them to touch your skin. When your done with them every now and then you should put a little Olive oil on them. These can be used for all sorts of things. The last test was about two years ago on these. I met a lady with schizophrenia and she was on all kinds of meds. Being on the meds she ran a restaurant but the side effects were terrible. I made her a pair of earrings out of these and they worked for her! The last time I saw her she said she bought a necklace made of Amber but it didn’t work. She showed it to me and I told her why. It was lab created/ fake Amber. Real Amber comes in many colors, it all does healing but it must be real. This Amber is thousands of years old.


15+ Years Ago- Healing

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