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15+ Years Ago- God Djinn

These next few listings I sold more than 15 years ago. I just located them in one of my storage units. I set them aside because I have so much to get on. It’s not just that but I have been looking for a post I did on a blog about Montauk 2 in NJ. They say the internet never lets go of anything but I think that one they did. I can’t find it for the life of me. While looking I came across my reviews on CH which you can find for at least two of these items. I believe there are 67 pages of reviews for I will post about those soon on my blog at

These are the very first God Djinn. All can be strung if you decide to do that. These are all glass with real gold inside. The size is that a little bit bigger than a marble. These were mine and I had a red and green one which I’m keeping.

The blue one is named Arthurious. The clear one is Masicronos. The yellow one is called Ruler of Mars. That is his name. I called him Rom for short and he didn’t mind it. Now don’t think he is a evil God Djinn because he’s called Ruler of Mars. He’s not, as there can be no evil God Djinn. He is what ruled it as it’s good aspects and attributes. That’s a very long story to get into but for you it really doesn’t matter. He does what all God Djinn do, what you need him to. All three of these have been tested and used by me for years. All have been amazing results every single time. I just need to clean out some stuff as I’m really getting overloaded. I now have 8 storage units and it’s time to let them go! I have giant framed antique pictures that allow you to walk into another world. These have never seen the website. There is so much stuff I really have to let it go.

Pick the one you like.

15+ Years Ago- God Djinn

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