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15+ Years Ago- Conjuring

These next few listings I sold more than 15 years ago. I just located them in one of my storage units. I set them aside because I have so much to get on. It’s not just that but I have been looking for a post I did on a blog about Montauk 2 in NJ. They say the internet never lets go of anything but I think that one they did. I can’t find it for the life of me. While looking I came across my reviews on CH which you can find for at least two of these items. I believe there are 67 pages of reviews for I will post about those soon on my blog at

These are for conjuring. Don’t mistake these for the new stuff you see today, because there aren’t those! These are probably around 1,000 years old. Your not getting these in a craft store or on other sites. These came from one of the empty headed celebrities out of the country. These were acquired through tomb raiders, real ones. They are the only people I know who can get a real Samurai sword out of the country. Most people don’t know this but they are not allowed out of the country, period! They are considered national treasures. If someone in the United States or other country has an actual real one, you can be sure it was obtained illegally. If it’s not illegal than it’s fake, end of story.

These will conjure anyone that was alive at some point. As long as they were real, you can conjure them. Using these to do that will allow you to communicate but not keep who you call. If you want to keep them you can but this would be their vessel and you can’t transfer them into another vessel. No matter what anyone else tells you. Trust me, I know. Don’t waste your money on a transfer piece or whatever other sellers call them. With this item it can’t be done. These ancient carved skulls are extremely powerful and they must be used as the vessel for who you call. It is the way it is. These are very tiny. I would suggest that if you plan on keeping who you conjure that you ask if it’s okay by them. You get one.

15+Years Ago-Conjuring

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