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This is sterling silver with Rainbow Moonstone and Tiger eye. It’s large.

The 14 holy helpers and then some.

Each of the Fourteen Holy Helpers is traditionally invoked for specific needs or intercessions. Here is a brief overview of the traditional associations and areas of patronage for each of the Fourteen Holy Helpers:

1. St. Agathius, Invoked against headaches and for protection from storms.

2. St. Barbara, Patron saint of artillerymen, architects, mathematicians, and against lightning and explosions.

3. St. Blaise, Patron saint of throat illnesses and protection from throat diseases.

4. St. Catherine of Alexandria, Patron saint of philosophers, preachers, and maidens; invoked for protection against sudden death.

5. St. Christopher, Patron saint of travelers, motorists, and protection during travel.

6. St. Cyriacus. Invoked against temptation and invoked for the relief of diseases of the eye.

7. St. Denis, Patron saint of Paris and France; invoked against headaches and possessed people.

8. St. Erasmus (St. Elmo). Patron saint of sailors and abdominal pain; invoked against intestinal ailments and storms.

9. St. Eustace, Patron saint of hunters and firefighters; invoked against family discord.

10. St. George, Patron saint of soldiers and England; invoked for protection against enemies and for strength in battle.

11. St. Giles, Patron saint of beggars, blacksmiths, and people with disabilities; invoked for protection against the plague and for a good confession.

12. St. Margaret of Antioch, Patron saint of pregnant women, women in childbirth, and invoked against kidney disease.

13. St. Pantaleon, Patron saint of physicians and midwives; invoked against cancer and tuberculosis.

14. St. Vitus, Patron saint of dancers, actors, and invoked against epilepsy and nervous disorders.

These are the traditional associations and patronages of the Fourteen Holy Helpers, and individuals may invoke them for intercession in specific areas of need or concern. While they each do a lot more than mentioned this is the short list.

While the Fourteen Holy Helpers are traditionally associated with specific patronages and areas of intercession, there isn't a specific saint among them who is traditionally invoked specifically to help with being poor. There are 3 more included that help with those in need of money. This money can’t be used to kill another person, abuse another person or be ill gotten for evil purposes.

St. Lawrence,St. Lawrence is a well-known saint who is often invoked for assistance with the poor and those in need. He was a deacon in the early Christian Church known for his acts of charity and care for the poor.

St. Anthony of Padua, St. Anthony is another popular saint known for his intercession in finding lost things but also for his care for the poor and marginalized.

St. Elizabeth of Hungary, St. Elizabeth is known for her devotion to the poor and her acts of charity. She is often invoked for assistance with the less fortunate.

While the Fourteen Holy Helpers have specific patronages, you can certainly pray to any saint, including those known for helping the poor, for assistance in times of financial need or for guidance on how to alleviate poverty. Saints are believed to intercede on behalf of those who seek their help, offering comfort, guidance, and support in various aspects of life, including situations of financial hardship.

What or who is the skull?

The skull is Jesus Christ. The first 14 saints represent the second meaning of the 14 steps. So each one is the first 14 saints. The second 3 are added for Father, Son and Holy Ghost. They are also added because they even before born were there at the crucifixion.

You will wonder how? How can they be there is they were not born yet? That is a secret the Vatican holds. There is no such thing as real time. Would you believe a Time Machine exists inside the Vatican? It does. The pope before this one stepped down, how unheard of is that? What pope took his place? Not a good one. The Time Machine was wanted to go back and change the time, this time of this pope. Get rid of him. Not allow him to be born. Certain Cardinals and the previous pope knew what was really up. But a few Cardinals had some toxic things to say about one subject. Jesus didn’t like that. So we still have this pope.

What is the skull about on this piece? That is Jesus. He too can be communicated with as you need to. He will help with so much in life now. This is a piece that was created to go in the Vatican but now you will actually use it to help others and yourself.

The skull itself is called the Golgotha skull or the Skull of Adam.

You know have extreme power in your hands. Call upon any Saint at anytime or even all at once.

14 plus one, plus 3

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