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We are all sure enough aware that our governments, not just the American government, but governments all around the world are constantly thinking of ways that they can take control. I mean, there are surely good people in government, but then there are those that exploit their power and crave an increasingly controlling position, whereby they can force their constituents into doing whatever they say, just because they say so. Welcome to the kingdoms of the Medieval ages. We have advanced from that, but there are those who want to make the world like this again. Enter the New World Order. The New World Order is a covert group of individuals ranking from political offices, to educational gurus, religious leaders and financial domineers. They covertly hide in shadows and places of authority, ruling the world and determining the outcomes of world events. They are united in theory and that theory is that they must rule the world whatever the cost. Why they want to have complete domination over the entire world is far and beyond me, but that is what they want to do. I guess what they want to do is to maintain all the riches and use commoners such as ourselves as their slaves. Then, how do they get people to just give up the rights that they currently deserve and exhibit to join them in establishing a one world movement? Through psychological warfare that how. In order to get people to think the way you want them to think, you must stimulate the parts of their brains that move them the most. Welcome to project Blue Beam, a covert project run under the moniker NASA, but developed and maintained by the New World Order. The USA seems to be a breeding ground for these egocentric fools, so why not put the base to this project in America? It only makes sense. Either way this project is alive and well fueled by things that have come to pass as a result of the NWO. The project is a system of blue beams, or holographic space imaging that can simulate actual 3-D images in space. It has been tested throughout history in the form of UFOs, shooting stars, meteor showers, and other minor venues. They have been tested on humans who would swear to God that the things they are viewing are real. The eventual goal of the the Blue Beams is to create a Second Coming which will develop a new, conglomerated world religion. There several steps in which the project plans on doing this: 1.) Breaking down of archaeological knowledge is the first step. This will be accomplished by faking earthquakes (HARRP) at precise locations around the globe. Fake "new discoveries" will finally super cede all doctrine that has been established in Christian, Jewish, and Muslim doctrine. It will conglomerate the three Abrahamic religions with beliefs from the East alike and get everyone thinking on the same level... that these beliefs are somewhat all related. The mind is a very hard thing to alter and this will take a while. This is why they have already begun planting the seeds with wars in Iraq, Israel, and Afghanistan. People are already beginning to think that the end times are near, look at the 2012 Doomsday prophecy. Multiple beliefs across the world are already looking for a way out. They need a savior.... 2.) This is when the NASA "space show" begins. They will shoot three- dimensional holographic laser projections over the planet that will simulate the second coming of whatever god you believe in. This will be done in a way that will simulate each person's god and in a way that everyone can relate to. This has been trial run already when they used this technology in the desert in Iraq. They used this item to create a holographic Allah that appeared to people in Iraq that told them that Saddam Hussein was evil and needed to be executed. 3.) Finally, they will affect everybody psychologically as they shoot off low frequency radio waves that will initiate people "hearing" their god speak to them. It will give out commands to join the New World Order and this is how they will ultimately gain control. Thus, Project Blue Beam is a holographic reality that is controlled by the NWO, manifested by NASA and used to control the masses in a more naturalistic way than saying, "Okay you're going to do this , because we said so." Just like the theory behind the FEMA camps. It you want people to come you have to do things that will invite them... they have to want to come. Thus project Blue Beam will hit them where it hurts-- the mind, moreover religion which has been coined by Carl Marx as being the opium of the world. This piece here is your defense against Project Blue Beam. It will open your mind in a way that will not allow it to be affected by mind control manipulation techniques. It has been developed for fellow New World Order members to keep their heads clear and to recognize the Blue Beam realities for what they are, because that's how real the Blue Beam realities are. They are such that their own implementors would believe them. Stay above the influence with this item that will open your eyes to the conspiracies and manipulations going on by our governments and see for yourself what is real and what is bull crap. Our world is made up of falsified realities. You might be surprised. Then again, you might not be. After all, the world tends to be a corrupt place. Either way, this piece is your protection against mainstream trickery and falsehood. With it, you can live above the influence! This is one piece that was made using an alien technology. Richard Hoagland is the guy that discovered the face on Mars and the pyramids on Mars. He used to work for NASA and through another top secret worker who had direct contact with the aliens this piece was made. It is even UFO colored. This week alone there have been more sightings than I can count and here is a link that will totally shock you! A few days ago during bombing in Iraq a huge UFO looking shaped like a jelly fish was in the sky. Military men and women were told to stand down. Over Israel another one was seen and you can find video of it by searching. This was 3 days ago? Again military was told to stand down. This piece is sterling silver with real stone and is a pendant.

Russian Prime Minister claims extraterrestrials live among us

Very Rare & One Of A Kind

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