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A legendary she-wolf is the Slavic she-wolf named Velesa. In Slavic, Velesa is a powerful and mystical she-wolf associated with nature, fertility, and the protection of animals and forests.

Velesa is often depicted as a guardian spirit of the wilderness, roaming the forests and mountains of Slavic lands. She is revered as a symbol of strength, independence, and the wild beauty of nature.

Velesa is sometimes portrayed as a shapeshifter, able to take on human form or transform into a wolf at will. She is said to have a deep connection to the spirits of the forest and is often invoked by those seeking protection, guidance, or blessings related to nature and the natural world.

Velesa's presence will help you make the connection between your world and the spirit world.

This is a rare feminine stone in sterling silver. It’s a pink Ethiopian Opal and gorgeous! You will not shape-shift with this item but you will have a strong connection to the hidden realm. This is why an Opal is used. You will automatically be protected by other werewolves in both spirit and in body. Your senses will become sharper and your psychic ability as well. You will also build strength and slow your aging process as far as agility, eye sight and skin. This is a great piece!



SKU: 5624041
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