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This is not much to look at even though it is pretty but looks are not always what it is about. This is one heaven of a Heaven hound. The watcher in chief of the other Hounds. You will not always have him around but you will when you need or call him. Don't call him for frivilous things like you need to get a new pair of shoes. Call him when you need protection or you have a serious issue like needing to pay bills or health issues. Call him if you truly want to gain enlightenment or need understanding of a enemy before deciding to "take care" of them. Try making the world a better place. I actually used this piece before taking care of someone. I realized they are seriously fucked up because of how they lived. I just walked away on that one. Now what I need is something to keep me walking! I may understand them but they don't quit. I guess the next item I test will be one for patience.

This Hound in Chief is named Trine.

We call him a seeig eye hound because he really does see all. He has 8 eyes and is a loving furry creature. He may take physical form. Some of you don't like that so I figured you better know now. He is not scary looking and if he does appear in a physical form you will feel at total peace. This is what Trine looks like. I have a few pieces with Trine in them and he always comes when called.



SKU: 3252415
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