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This is the 10 percent Tomer Transformation. This includes you picking what you want to be and everything that comes with it. Warrior, Geryon, intuition, Gray Man, wealth, invulnerability, protection, etc. This piece is sterling silver with real stone and it’s a large pendant. The design is Art Nouveau. You will need to wear this for 30 days. Anyone can wear it and it does have a stunning design! You do feel changes and they are not painful! There is nothing dark about this piece. This is a piece that you would get if you can’t do an in person transformation. You won’t have 100 percent of the power but 10 percent is pretty good considering how supremely powerful you are when you get the in person transformation. Layaway is perfectly fine for both transformations and Tomer’s pieces.

Tomer’s Transformation 10 Percebt!

SKU: 62923117
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