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The White Nutty Knight!

Everyone always wants something so serious but in the real world it’s not always like that. This is Caldeous and while his supernatural power is serious he’s a riot! I’m not talking taking to the streets but he’s crazy! His sense of humor will be seen on many days especially if someone is bothering you in a bad way. For example instead of tripping their arms and legs will fly all over the place! This is just not something I can have! I honestly would and have laughed to loud at some of the things he has done!

- [ ] What are his abilities? He’s a dragon from BC for one. He is telepathic and is now a bringer of wealth, protection and in some cases revenge. He used to bring food and rare jewels but times have changed so now it’s abundance and station in life. He hasn’t moved past station in life which is good for you. This part can bring a soulmate to you that is wealthy. He also considers himself a white knight, hence the title.

The White Nutty Knight

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