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This Antique pin which leaf is made of gold leaf metal and its trumpet flower made of gorgeous glass is one of a kind!

This pin is old and it’s a living energy that works with the pumping of your heart and pulse. This holds the energy, magic, hypnotics, love spells and extreme perfection in beauty. This looks is the magical and supernatural power of Aphrodite. However locked and intertwined with Aphrodite is Psyche’s soul, immortality and unmatched beauty. Why are these two living, one energy and one spirit woven together? Because Psyche was once human and will not only relate but could and has before given immortality to one she connects with or one she thinks can handle it. Yes I have seen this happen. She usually seeks the advice of Hestia who has the ability to see into your soul. Regardless of immortality you will get all the rest listed and then some. For example Hestia tries to give anything you want including abundance or a live match. The others will even bring you beauty which Psyche loves to do. There is a lot to this piece which molds to you do you become your own goddess. This is the only one I have like this.

The Pumping Energy of Aphrodite

SKU: 362368
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