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The city of Atlantis has long captured the imagination of scholars and enthusiasts alike. Fabled to be an advanced civilization of unparalleled splendor, Atlantis is often associated with tales of great knowledge and mystical beings. Among these beings, the Nephilim, descendants of the union between divine and mortal.

According to ancient scriptures and legends, the Nephilim were the offspring of the "sons of God" and the "daughters of men." These celestial beings, bestowed with extraordinary abilities, are said to have existed in a time when divine and earthly realms intertwined. Their existence in Atlantis is not well known. Nonetheless they did reside there as well as above. Atlantis is believed to have been blessed by who is unknown.

Described as beings of immense strength, wisdom, and supernatural capabilities, the Nephilim possessed attributes that set them apart from ordinary mortals. In Atlantis, their presence would have been seen as a divine gift, elevating them to a status akin to demigods. With the ability to manipulate the elements, such as water, fire, earth, and air, the Nephilim would have been revered as guardians and protectors of the city.

The Prophecy of Atlantis.

In the annals of Atlantis, a prophecy is said to have foretold the city's ultimate destruction. This prophecy may have been the catalyst for the Nephilim's involvement in the fate of Atlantis.

Is it true? Did the Nephilim exist along with the Atlanteans? I think so. This necklace is a strange sort of key which opens a portal and allows energy and unusual abilities through it. Also this has been tested so many times it’s crazy. This also allows you to partner with both a Nephilim and also an Atlantean if you choose to. The communication comes directly from the piece which is the best pendulum ever!!! To use it to open the portal you would hold it in your hand and use it like you were drawing an opening in the air. This opens your portal. You will also close it the same way in the sane area.

The Nephilim and Atlantis

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