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I wanted to get right into this piece but I need a few facts I hadn’t written down first. This of course took me to the internet where I found articles written by AI. It seems no one is using their own brains anymore. I can’t take the lack of creativity and so I have decided I won’t be using it. I have used it in the past for some quick facts but I have found that even those were wrong or leaned towards a certain political party. In doing so I found great lies. I don’t think Mr. Biden’s grandchildren were all accounted for, that was one thing. But there were many others. While some might not care it’s actually very important to know real history and not the insanity many are being taught today. Well enough of that and onto what I have here.

This is real holy water from the river Jordan. Today you do have to be careful about certain things like relics, holy water and Amber as I was talking to a customer recently. I will add that today too. When I say to be careful it’s because people will tell you it comes from here or there when it doesn’t. I was on a seller site a few days ago and the seller was saying the made the piece. It came from a cheap wholesale company. I told them to at least take it from the wrapper but they count on stupidity. Ugh!!!

This holy water is the only one I have with the cross pendant. I have others that were dipped into the river and are just as powerful because of the water alone.

This holy water or items touched to it will heal, give blessings, remove evil and keep it away. You can also use it for cleansing but it does bring the blessings you want.

The river Jordan was where Jesus was baptized and when that happened it was touched by the supernatural. This is a divine supernatural, not what people would call the occult.

To use the water you can place it on you. To use a piece you would touch or wear it. Please ask for those.

The miracles of the Jordan River.

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