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The magic of Contagion.

This is a magic that creates a link between two people, like a mind link if that’s what you seek. Contagion also creates a cleansing and banishing of anything bad first. The other benefit of a contagion piece is you may link with a Saint, Church energy or even use it for psychic ability. To use this piece you just need to wear it for a while and when you want to link to a person just have a picture of them. If linking to a saint or such thing as that you would light a candle and incense. This piece is an antique made of either bronze or copper. All stones are original with no alterations. This comes from the Roma people, Gypsy. This was part of those boxes I got over 10 years ago in NYC from the lady who was a traveler. The one with the idiot son.

The magic of contagion

SKU: 11272301
  • This ring does more than contagion. It links you to all sorts of magic, you just need to specify.

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