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The Emerald Tablet was a powerful artifact that has existed since the beginning of time. It was said to have been created by the gods themselves and contained the secrets of the universe. The tablet was made of green stone and had inscriptions that revealed the laws of the cosmos.

According to legend, Noah discovered the tablet while he was building the ark to save himself, his family, and the animals from a great flood. God instructed Noah to take the tablet with him so that it could survive the flood and be passed on to future generations.

When Noah and his family entered the ark, they brought with them the tablet, which was kept in a special compartment on board. Despite the chaos of the flood outside, Noah felt calm knowing that he had the tablet with him. He knew it would be essential for the rebuilding of the world after the flood.

As the waters subsided, and the ark came to rest on a mountaintop, Noah retrieved the tablet and examined the inscriptions carefully. He learned that the tablet was not just a source of knowledge, but also a powerful tool that could be used for many purposes.

The inscriptions on the tablet revealed how to transmute metals into gold and how to create the elixir of life. The tablet also held the secrets of magic and alchemy, and Noah knew that the information he had discovered would be valuable to the future generations.

In the following years, Noah used the tablet to help rebuild the world. He taught others how to use the knowledge of the tablet to build strong and prosperous civilizations. He also revealed to them the secret of the elixir of life, which could bring about eternal youth and health.

The tablet was passed down from generation to generation and has been sought by many throughout history. It is believed that the tablet is still in existence, and whoever possesses it would have incredible power and knowledge. The tablet remains a symbol of the power of nature and the forces of creation, inspiring those who seek knowledge and understanding.

Now for those of you who know me also know I knew the lady who sought it out. While I didn’t know her well I knew her on a more casual level but I immediately liked her. She was funny and a lot like Lindy, eccentric! There is nothing wrong with that, speaking from experience for sure, myself! Most of her life she sought it out and it wasn’t until much later she told me why. I was devastated with what she told me. Being an empath, which is the one thing I hate about myself. I hate it because it’s hard to turn off. I don’t know what’s worse sometimes, feeling someone’s grief or knowing someone is lying and having to pretend I don’t know it. While I’m extremely laid back with others it often leads to a volcanic blow up when I know they are lying or taking advantage. I not only feel it but their voice tells me an entire story! I ignored the obvious with the lady and her voice which I shouldn’t have. I did it because I wanted to. She was dying. I can’t see auras but my daughter can. She knows when people are dying too but it’s because it’s like fingers eating her brain telling her. It’s hard to explain. With me it’s like bricks, as in driving over 100mph and hitting a wall. At the moment it happens you’re usually standing in front of the person and you freeze for a moment and then need to act normal. The newest rage now is saying you are empathic while these people jump on the bandwagon wagon those of us who really are like that suffer often. And yes, it is a suffering and you must learn how to handle it. There is a lot that goes into being a real empath. You can feel items that are haunted or carry energy so it’s not just people or places. I feel it can nearly kill you with grief sometimes. It can also believe it or not make you dangerous. That’s a long story! When I had to accept she was dying I was pissed off, pissed off that such a nice lady would go not only unknown but die trying to find this thing. I was also pissed off because I felt it should have been someone else, as in a nasty person who was cruel or evil, but not her. Anyway, she found it. She told me she found it! She touched it and she got a few pieces that moved by themselves into her hand and one in which she made into this ring. The ring originally belonged to her grandmother and it is an antique. The stone is from the Emerald Tablet. I heard years later it was found again and was in a museum in Europe somewhere. I didn’t care about it. I was more amazed at how something with this much history appeared to help such a lovely lady who was full of life even while dying. It took away the disdain I had at those moments wondering why she had to die while others of ill intent continued to breathe. There are miracles and they come often just at the right time. This is what we call, real supernatural. Today she is alive and well and hasn’t aged a single second! I met up with her just about a week ago. This is that ring. I didn’t have to test it but I did use it on a guy I know who was severely depressed, it worked! I honestly didn’t think it would but it was good to know it did other things than wealth for other people. I had to test it because with how she got it you had to wonder would it only work for her but that’s definitely not the case. Of course I did use it on myself and it worked, then my friend so it does work for everyone. So what does it do and how do you use it? This ring will do anything a human needs it to do as in the time of Noah. This includes, health, extreme longevity, commerce, as in wealth. And good relations along with the extreme hidden knowledge that the most intelligent people seek. The hidden knowledge really is what holds everything else but yet it is just there for your use with out having to dig deep or learn anything. The supernatural gifts are just there. To use this all you need to do is own it and let that green cut stone touch your hand. That’s what she did. I held it and so did my friend. Oh, I almost forgot. He was having a serious issue that was a civil case. It was dropped out if the clear blue. The case had no merit but it would have cost him money. He also gained extreme wealth through his business which at this time with what he does shouldn’t have happened. This was definitely made by a white light source and definitely made for the human population.

This ring is real 10k gold and an antique.

The Lady, Her Tablet & The Supernatural

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