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That Old Jewish Cemetery

The Old Jewish Cemetery was not Prague's first Jewish cemetery, not by a long shot. It is the oldest surviving cemetery in the city, though. The oldest headstone has a burial date of 1439, nearly 60 years prior to Columbus sailing the Ocean Blue. That's pretty old if you ask me.

Walking through the cemetery will give you chills and perhaps a little bit of claustrophobia. There are 12,000 gravestones that mark the death of many more jews, some of which whom have been stacked 12 deep. The headstones are old and decaying, some have been overgrown with ivy. Yet among the chaos, one can find a sense of calm and serenity. It is the powers that are being emanated by the Nameless Rabbi, who has been buried namelessly among the thousands.

The Nameless Rabbi was normal Rabbi who attained magical superiority when he conquered the mysteries of the Kaballah. The Kaballah is the ancient source of knowledge that sheds light on the way that the Bible was originally written-- in pentameter with secret codes and spells. His knowledge was enough to make him the most powerful Kabbalist that has ever existed, though he remains nameless to the masses.

This piece has visited the Prague Old Jewish Cemetery and has absorbed the power of the Nameless Rabbi. As such, when you are wearing this piece you gain the knowledge of the sacred pentameter with which the Bible has been written. You will be able to see the Bible for what it really is-- an ancient book full of spells and magic that are yours for the taking once you have achieved the ability to do so.

This piece is sterling silver and a pendant. This also had added to it EXTREME protection for these times. That part is very important as I have seen through psychic vision things getting worse where the world turns against the Jewish people. I won’t, but then again I’m not brain dead either. I don’t understand why many were buried 12 deep so if someone else knows please tell me.

That Old Jewish Cemetery

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