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Egyptian magic refers to the various magical beliefs and practices that were prevalent in ancient Egypt. Magic held a significant role in Egyptian society and religion, encompassing both religious rituals and more individual, everyday practices.

Religious Rituals were guarded from the regular public. These rituals were incantations, communication with various Gods which were really aliens! The spells they used were really a spoken psychic magic. The power of word. Saying those words, incantations would immediately send power to the person saying them. It also could be taken away if they did as they were asked not to. Example, free the slaves. If you study the history of heka you will learn how they used the spoken word to create transformative power. These words would also be written on the papyrus scrolls, amulets and other objects. This gave them power to influence the world or just things around them. The power to build the pyramids came from what was given to them by aliens. The reason they studied the celestial movements was because aliens came from where? Space! Just look at the glyphs, you see the aliens in them. Take a trip to the MET and you will walk among giants as you see regular mummies next to them. If you haven’t been, it’s a must see. However, we are talking about going into NYC maybe it’s best to take the museum tour online! Personally, I’m not giving that rat infested city my business! Bringing a little more to this why do you think the scores of groups of the Illuminati is so interested in Egypt? Just look at their symbolism. What does this do? With this ring in a size 11 solid sterling silver YOUR words become transformative! Your words become the catalyst for what you want! The special incantations are printed on the ring already. All that is needed is you to speak! I only have one! Anyone can use this, male or female. You can wear it on a finger or chain.

Strange Magic in Egypt

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