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Solemon Ancient Orders of the Deep.

The title on the original card says Solemn Mysteries of the Ancient Order of the Deep.

The order was about Mermaids, sea serpents and other creatures of the sea. If you held the card you belonged to that society. If you hold the ring too, you have gained the magic of Atlantis. The ring is the original and marked sterling. It is an antique. There are nice and new copies of the ring today but those selling it don’t even know where it comes from. This ring has design all the way around it. Once you filled the ring with design you were an educated and knowledgeable person who encountered and learned from those in Atlantis. This is a RARE ring!

You will have access to the hidden dimension of where Atlantis still exists and operates. You will have access to the breathing crystal in the center of Atlantis. You will also have access to Nereids, Dinny Mara, Blue men, Mermaids, Seasucu’s and gifts of lavish wealth.

You will also be protected on land, sea and the cross over dimension.

You are getting both the card and the ring in sterling.

Solemn Ancient Orders

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