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We already had one piece tonight that was concerned with the Chinese New Year. I mean, to be fair, it is a very powerful time of reckoning. The oldest squashed. The new begins. There's new beginnings and the possibilities and new openings and new doors to walk through. The old, the negative, the bad, and the dark come to a grinding halt. The New Year emerges.

This piece was brought into our reality by an ancient sorcerer's whose name is Ming Lee. If you don't know who Ming is that's probably because not many people know who Ming is. These days she no longer takes physical form, but only travels to Earth and her Celestial form. In fact, she only ever enters the Earthen realm when the gates of the Chinese New Year are open.

During this time she brings gifts and bubbles and artifacts and all sorts of other things that have been empowered with deep rooted Magic from the universe. She only brings a few pieces each year so the pieces that are in circulation are incredibly rare in terms of availability.

This is one of her pieces. It brings you not only blessings of wealth and Glad tidings, but also protection and prosperity. This power will allow you to leave things that you no longer want to live through in the past. It will allow you to open new doors of opportunity into areas of your life that you had no idea could ever exist.

You could open up doors to new understandings and awakenings. You could open up doors to a vast amount of wealth. You could open up a Celestial door to receive blessings of knowledge and wisdom. You could use this to open up a portal to a future full of magic and Powers. You could use this piece to embark upon a new career. You could use this piece to create a new relationship or to mend old ones that have soured.

The point is that this piece, which is genuine stone, will allow you to open doors to all sorts of new beginnings and possibilities. That's what Ming Lee and the Chinese New Year are all about.

She Came Through the Time Gate

SKU: 1302334
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