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The term "Rebis" can refer to different concepts depending on the context. In the context of alchemy and occultism, a Rebis is a symbolic representation of the union and integration of opposing elements, often depicted as a hermaphroditic figure or a combination of different substances, such as a fusion of the sun and moon or a figure with both male and female attributes.

The concept of the Rebis is intricately linked to the pursuit of spiritual transformation and the attainment of higher states of consciousness. It represents the alchemical process of uniting opposites, commonly referred to as the "Great Work" or the "Philosopher's Stone." This process involves the integration of the masculine and feminine principles, the blending of the physical and spiritual realms, and the reconciliation of opposing forces within oneself.

The Rebis symbolizes the harmonization and balance of duality, transcending the limitations of individual elements to achieve a state of wholeness and enlightenment. It is often associated with the concept of the divine and the attainment of spiritual immortality, rather than literal physical immortality. With this ring because of the Rebis it is offered. It’s up to you if you take it.

In some traditions, the Rebis is connected to the idea of reincarnation or the cyclic nature of existence. It represents the eternal and transformative nature of the soul, which undergoes multiple lifetimes and experiences to evolve and ascend to higher levels of consciousness.

While St. Germain is often associated with alchemy not many people know of his creation of a Rebis. The pursuit of immortality and alchemy has always been known. There are even people today that I personally know who pay taxes for him on properties and handle human business.

A Rebis is created by people or a person who has lived and died, then make a return. This is why it’s so rare. My goal is to find who the second person was who helped him make the Rebis you see in this ring. If we have ever talked about a living piece, this is it. For those of you who only seek wealth there is wealth with this piece. There has to be because Saint Germain pays taxes through other people, owns huge properties and lives rather lavishly.

The Rebis is a symbol in alchemy and occultism representing the integration of opposing forces and the pursuit of spiritual transformation. While St. Germain is associated with alchemy and the pursuit of immortality, his direct involvement in the creation of the Rebis is not a widely known or documented aspect of his life or teachings. However, here it is. The ring you are looking at holds the Rebis that Saint Germain created through not just his knowledge but his many past lives. This Rebis holds every single life he lived and the lives of those who were a great influence to him or held things that could help during his immortality. Shine grabbed this with Tomer’s help. It was handed back and a new modern version was made. This one was given to me.

The black stone you see is flat. The red comes from deep inside and represents how hard it is to accomplish Rebis of any kind. What you are looking at is extremely rare. I guarantee you there will not be another one. This ring is antique and it comes with multiple abilities because it’s considered a living piece. It is, has been and continues forever. Everything Saint Germain learned in his school ( the most impressive at the time) is located and held by the Rebis. Saint German named his Rebis Rycliff.

Saint Germain’s Rebis

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