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This is a piece that was created with secret magic that was left behind by Helena Blavatsky. Blavatsky was a mystic of sorts and had extensive magical knowledge. I'm not going to go into everything that I know about her, but you can find out more information about her on the internet.

The important part is that Helena Blavatsky work hand in hand with a group of magical beings known as the ascended white light Masters.

As such when you own this magical piece, you will own a very exclusive ability that belongs to Helena Blavatsky. It's the ability to commune with the ascended white light Masters.

Membership of the white light Masters includes entities such as Jesus of Nazareth, Mahatma Gandhi, Vishnu, Muhammad, Zoroaster, the Virgin Mary, and others throughout history. This list is obviously not all inclusive, but you got the point. Also it is important to point out that the offended white light Masters go by many other names. One of these names is the great white brotherhood, but we don't call it that because that sounds like somebody's going to set something on fire in your front yard.

The point to all this is when you commune with the white light masters, you will be able to acquire their knowledge, skills, magic, abilities and whatever else they have to offer you. This is a very powerful and versatile peace because it allows you to access more than one mind and more than one type of magic.

This piece comes from one of those ritual blood orgies that the royals in Europe like to partake in. At this point, I can't even blame it on the UK people. It really is all the monarchs and all the secret monarchs in Europe that partake in these ritual blood orgies.

The reason they are called blood orgies is for the reason you probably guessed. They gather for a night of debauchery and blood rituals, followed by orgies and Sex Magic. We have a few of these pieces that embody different types of magic.

This piece provides you with something called ethereal Ascension. When you use this piece you will be able to ascend into what is known as the cosmic brain. The cosmic brain is also known by other names, such as collective unconscious. It is a place where all the knowledge and wisdom of the universe exists. It is the place to wear All souls return and order to share their knowledge with the cosmic brain to expand the knowledge of the universe.

When using this piece you will get to experience the cosmic brain first hand. You will get to travel there and your astral body form. I guess it goes without saying that once you are there you pretty much have free range to acquire and obtain any form of knowledge that you desire

Ritual Blood Magic -Ethereal Ascension

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