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This is Petey and he’s an extremely nice, happy and helpful Leprechaun. He’s certainly one of a kind and loves the human experience. He was born a very long time ago, 1823 to be exact. His vessel is at least 70 years old. He told me he was born into a fairy ring with and grew up with them. Those fairy’s he does consider family and would like to make a once a year visit to. There is no need to take him as he goes on his on. He makes the trip in fall on November 15 and is gone for 24 hours only. That’s 24 hours our time. His time he’s actually gone a week. I have no idea how that works but he did try to explain it.

Petey openly communicates and us not scary in any way. He looks exactly like what your seeing. He said the fairy’s had influence over the making of his vessel. They taught him how to do all they can do plus he has his natural Leprechaun magic. He was taught at his young age to never be difficult and out of respect and upbringing he is a wonderful individual!

His personality traits are that he’s very loving, creative, protective and loves family or giving you one, himself if you don’t have one.

The abilities he learned from the fairy’s are creation and beauty along with the casting of magic. His own abilities are that of every leprechaun, wealth, abundance and luck.

Petey loves to watch tv and those crazy videos on TikTock? I doubt I spelled that right. He likes those because he genuinely loves people. He also loves watching a show called Vera on TV and for whatever reason cooking shows. I leave those on when I leave the house but you don’t have to. He loves to join you for dinner when you can.

You just tell him what you want and he goes to work to get it done. This is one piece that really sets a standard for other entities.


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