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All items listed here can be reproduced and duplicated. If it's out of stock and you want one, please contact us and we can get you one.

We now offer CashApp as payment for items! Of course as always we also accept Paypal. If sending money via CashApp use the $cashtag $hauntedcuriosities2. Send the money and then immediately email the link for the item so we know the item has been purchased. All items must be purchased prior to them being removed from our inventory. No holds.

As per usual, payments to PayPal can be made to

This piece is a plain looking man's ring. However, the magic and power that are in this piece or anything but plain. This ring has come from one of the annual meetings of what is known as the bilderberg group.

If you don't know who the builder bird group is I suggest you look them up on the internet, because they are one of the most powerful, influential, and in control groups in the entire world. They control everything from your banking systems to the advertising that you see on your phone and television that control the way you think. They definitely have their hands dipped into many pots so to speak.

This particular ring was designed for one purpose and one purpose only - to bring extreme wealth to whoever wears it. If that is what you're looking for then this ring is for you. It is not often that we get pieces that made at such high-profile ritualistic meetings. We cannot tell you how we got this piece but what we can tell you is that the ritual that was done in order to empower this piece is very rich and wealth energies.

The reason we are selling this piece for only $38 is that we realize that times are getting crazy and will continue to get crazier. We want people to be able to have the means to sustain a viable life

We can definitely duplicate this piece as mentioned above, however we may have more items that have come from the bilderberg wealth rituals later on They were made as part of a co-op called opes aeternae.

Opes Aeternae I

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