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Mystic Pyramid

This tiny box grants the ancient power practiced by the enlightened Egyptian Magicians. Inside is a necklace that is a multisided pyramid shape. The color is purple for royalty and hidden knowledge. The word royalty here is not used in the sense of kings or queens but royalty of the ancient magicians. Many were dual practitioners and only a few were pure white light. This piece isn’t dark but it is dual. These magicians were able to create half human half animal beings. It is thought that this came from aliens. Something in Egypt definitely came from them. There is no other way the pyramids could have been built without them, unless… What if the pyramids were always underground and came up over time? There is an underground pyramid surrounded by mercury and it’s all underground. If we look to all the pyramids in the world and not just Egypts you find they all are aligned with the stars. No matter where in the world they are located. What if we are the map? Our planet is a map, could that be a possibility? I think so. Either way using mathematical equations and geometry, in no way could the Egyptians or any other culture have built them in the time they are dated to. What about the pyramids or the Sphinx on Mars? How did they get there? I met Richard Hoagland many years ago and he says the math from what he could tell is all the same. He believes there is life on Mars but that it’s underground. It’s a fact that life has been found on the surface of what used to be water streams and ponds which held fossils and plant life. Is it all a mystery? Maybe not. Remember Napoleon went into the Great Pyramid and he went white as a ghost! He refused to even speak about it. Many think it was that he was told he would die and lose the war. Those are guesses and I don’t believe them. First of all Napoleon had an ego and if he was told he would lose he may listen but most likely he would brush it off. For years I believed he came across a spirit that scared him. It couldn’t be he was going to lose the war, no way. That is something he would speak about later in life. I know he spoke to an alien that took on the form of a woman spirit and then showed him its real looks and body. The alien gave him information that was also given to these magicians and they too had access to the pyramids. Even in the 30’s people had access to even going inside. A Sears catalog was selling a full mummy from Egypt. If you didn’t want a fully mummy you could get just a finger, which I have. Things were so different, even in the 20’s. People would spend the night inside of them and feel so much different when they came out. Then a time came when we were in the pyramid craze and hippies would sit in these tents in a pyramid shape saying it brought about mystical abilities. This was all before my time. But I do know that a pyramid even made out of wood or a tent material still works when you go inside of it. The shape is what holds the power because really it’s a power of number combined with the shape, then add human energy to it, or non human, whatever! So the box does what it does but the necklace gives you that pyramid energy and they heal, enlighten and bring you to new heights with your third eye. You also get the ability to see into and communicate with other worlds and dimensions with star maps like we have. As I understand it the pyramid is the ultimate way to open your doorway to other worlds and yet gain what you need. The necklace should be worn against the skin.

Mystic Pyramid & Box

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