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Morphic Resonance

A lot of people will tell you that music can heal or cleanse the Aura but there is a lot more to it. Crystals or some Gemstones are needed because of their properties. This is one piece that is mind blowing! This ring brings the golden orb to you and an unheard humming. This humming also sets the aura to where it should be. This ring does a clean sweep and can be worn only when you feel you need it. It takes about 10 to 15 minutes to clear and heal. I would go with 15.

Understanding the colors of your aura.

1. Red is often associated with passion, strength, energy, and vitality. A strong red aura may indicate a person who is energetic, passionate, and action-oriented.

2.Orange is linked to creativity, enthusiasm, joy, and emotional balance. An orange aura may suggest a person who is creative, sociable, and in tune with their emotions.

3. Yellow is connected to intellect, optimism, confidence, and clarity. A yellow aura may indicate a person who is intellectual, optimistic, and has a strong sense of self.

4. Green is associated with healing, growth, harmony, and balance. A green aura may suggest a person who is compassionate, nurturing, and in tune with nature.

5. Blue is linked to communication, truth, intuition, and serenity. A blue aura may indicate a person who is communicative, intuitive, and peaceful.

6. Purple is connected to spirituality, wisdom, intuition, and higher consciousness. A purple aura may suggest a person who is spiritually connected, intuitive, and wise.

7.Pink is associated with love, compassion, kindness, and sensitivity. A pink aura may indicate a person who is loving, empathetic, and caring.

8. White is linked to purity, clarity, spiritual awakening, and divine connection. A white aura may suggest a person who is spiritually evolved, pure of heart, and connected to higher realms.

9. Gold is associated with wisdom, enlightenment, abundance, and spiritual protection. A gold aura may indicate a person who is spiritually advanced, wise, and protected.

These are the good aspects of the colors but the bad is what needs balance. Red for example can hold rage and anger, even murder. Black which I forgot because it’s all by itself can be many things. Death coming, no soul or even an alien entity of negative intentions. I will never forget my encounter with one. It knew I recognized it, it was so weird and scary because my thoughts were how many more? It telepathically connected and said soon, many! They were accurate on that. You have no idea! I will get into that on my next listing. Orange means grounded as can green. You don’t want to be grounded too much.

What else does ring do? This will slowly bring about Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience and the rarest, Claircognizance.

How are psychic abilities possible from a scientific point? British scientists have finally figured it out. It’s called morphic resonance. These are energy fields that hit the brain AND activate parts of your brain that are truly dead in others.

This ring is a size 8 and these stones are huge! As in two big mamas! This is also sterling and with 800.00 just in what it is. Right now I only have this one.

Morphic Resonance

SKU: 5624046
  • Sterling size 8

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