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The Ear Inn is one of New York’s oldest continually operating bars still in operation. It is also home to Mickey, the ghost of a sailor who lived above the bar in the 1950's and died outside of the bar when he was struck by a car. 

The frisky spirit is now said to pinch the rears of waitresses and female patrons. He is also known to drain cell-phone batteries and light fires — sometimes in the fireplace, other times not. An unexplained fire that nearly engulfed the building in 1996 is said to be his doing.

The power of his energy is housed within the deep pit of his entity. His powers are fierce and he will interject the ability of fire sourcing and sly conveyance -- meaning you will be able to get away with almost anything, as Mickey is coy and extremely intelligent!

This item will bring forth the ability to allow you to do as you wish without fear of karma coming back on you, as Mickey's spirit will capture any of the backlash. And you will gain strength from the imperial powers Mickey has -- and one thing testers unlocked was how to utilize his blazing appeal to ignite fire through his strength.... this is an amazing piece!

To use this piece, wear it when you need it first wear it for three days before use.


SKU: 62923112
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