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Why should use Sacred Geometry?

Every shape in the universe is created by some sort of math and magic. This set you see was specifically created to help that person who seeks a deeper and stronger magic.

- [ ] Inside this box you will find not only the power of Metatron but also the Holy of Hokies/ Fruit of Life, the flower of life, earth, wind, fire, air and water. All of this put together using clear quartz. Clear quartz is the best when using the sacred geometry shapes as it holds the most power.

Clear quartz also holds serious healing ability and more so when used in this fashion. That’s only part of it though. For example let’s say you were on a path to change who you are or what you are. This set holding the creation of life through the Fruit of Life or even using the Holy of Holies will get it done. We have people who want to be angels or anything really. This can do that too.

These are easy to use. Each Quartz is a different aspect but all can be used together on your chest to complete a transformation or healing, just about anything.

This is the only one I had made like this. This is not a normal set. This is something you would pay thousands for. You save the money with the proper tool which is this.

Hands On

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