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This piece features a direct connection to the infamous Witch of Endor. I'm sure you've read about her in the Bible, or if you haven't and you've been with us for a while you have heard us tell you about her. She is the witch that was called on by Saul to summon the spirit of the prophet Samuel. Old Sammy boy was pretty mad, but he eventually got over it. I only know because he told us when we were testing this piece.

This piece gives you a direct connection to the Witch of Endor, who will act as a gateway through which you will be able to summon any prophet from the Bible that you want to speak to. There are many of them. They all have great power and they all have astounding knowledge. Noah, Moses, Levi, Samuel, Elijah, Elisha, John the Baptist, any of the Apostles, etc.

Think of the white light magic you stand to gain when using this piece. I guarantee it is going to be phenomenal.

Endorian Prophet Summoner

SKU: 2102337
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