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This is a skull ring that has vampire fangs. The appearance of the ring is symbolic of the entity that has been attached to it. This entity is a vampire of ancient origins. In fact, this vampire goes back very, very far. He was once a member of the Chaldean dynasty also known as Dynasty X Babylon.

His name is Aralu, as he was named after a realm that is infinite, but is also dark and gloomy. To begin with, Aralu was not a very powerful being at all. That was until he received his transformation in the Garden of Babylon. That day is when he sealed his fate and became an immortal and ageless vampire.

I'm not going to make this description lengthy, because if I did then we charge more money for the piece. However, just know that the entity in this piece is ancient and has lived many, many lifetimes. He has lived through some of the best and some of the worst times that existed on earth. He has traveled the world over and over again to acquire many different types of magic and knowledge.

When you own this piece you are also taking ownership of Aralu. Well, at least you were taking possession of a connection to him, as he's a very powerful entity and never will be completely owned by anybody. However, he will act as a companion to you and he will sit down and spend as many hours as you need with you. He will share his story with you, he will share his knowledge and experience with you, he will share his magic with you.

For only $38, this piece is definitely a steal.

Dynasty X Babylonian Vampire

SKU: 1302364
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