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As you all know the Chinese New Year was just over a week ago. During the Chinese new year, during the new beginning, portals between the ethereal, the metaphysical, the physical and many other worlds are open. It was because of this metaphysical opening that we were able to summon this very powerful wealth Dragon into this piece.

This piece actually embodies the powers of what is known as a pixiu. They are ancient dragon beings that can grant a host of different things among those as wealth. You will notice that this piece is real jade, which brings its own wealth energies to the table. However, the real wealth power in this piece is the wealth egg that you see the dragon guarding.

There really isn't any need to describe the type of wealth that this wealth egg can bring to you, because it can bring you all types of wealth. With this piece there's nothing that's off the table. The energies will allow you to commune with the ancient dragon and you will be able to tell him what type of wealth you desire. From that point on, the pic pixiu will grant you what you have asked for.

Dragon s Wealth Egg

SKU: 1302336
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