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 Divination Companion

A very rare, and extremely mystical, Djinn is found within this coveted emblem~!

The Djinn is noted as Moraina and she was cast by a Mystic Conjurer -- she is a warm, gracious, serene, and wise Royal Crown Princess Djinn whose voluntary binding was done during the Holy Month of Ramadan ~!

Ramadan is the most sacred, and spiritual, time when over a billion people are adding their energy, and their spiritual force to the mix of the Universe. To make her binding even more special she was called forth on the fortifying night of power, known as Leyla al-Qadr, which is a source of incredible strength.

Moraina is a Royal Marid Crown Princess, she is of the Highest Phylum and rating.  She is a Djinn of most sacred and unparalleled power.

Her ancestral kin at one time interacted heavily with mankind as guides and heavenly messengers, but withdrew further and further from contact due to ongoing turmoil in the world. She has told us she is only the second of her clan to come forth in almost a thousand years. She comes forth, with instructions to connect again with mankind and provide her guidance to the one she chooses to call.

Moraina comes from a realm of great beauty and peace, filled with those she loves-to leave it for any time is hard for her ~ However she is following her head and her heart as well as her mission she has sworn to. Her wisdom is great and it is needed now. This year marks an important moment in our time, and for the Djinn too for they are a part of, though apart from, our World. She tells us a time rapidly approaches that will be difficult, but that with our triumph, will signal a new Golden Age for Mankind. An age where the Djinn will join with Man in unity~!

Moraina has shown our testers her Kingdom, they all stated that it is magnificent and beautiful. It is an ethereal and mystical place, a true vision of paradise!

This she seeks to share with her companion, to show what humans can achieve if we but work together in peace and love. By having this piece, you will be the companion she has been seeking... she needs to interject her energies upon your for 2 weeks to fully implement her blessings to you. Our testers only used the piece for one week, so they could feel the celestial blessings and see her land, but this way not fully becoming her one companion, as we wanted that to be a coveted opportunity for one of you!! This is a rare treat since  Djinn very rarely show mortal humans their true abodes.

Moraina has many types of powers, ones that have flourished and been noted by testers are:

* Ancient Esoteric Knowledge

* Spiritual Practice

* Prosperity and Abundance

* Protection from Negativity

* Enrichment of Family and Interpersonal Relationships

* Personal Growth and Ascension

Her many gifts will surely benefit you for your entire life and in many ways! 

Her energy uplifts and calms, bringing joy, comfort and a blossoming knowledge of ancient knowledge and future possibilities.

She manifests as a lovely young woman with ethereal features, soft and delicate, whose serene spirit is often lit by the inner light of joy as she frequently smiles. She stands tall and straight in a flowing powder blue and silver gown, her blonde hair flows with natural curls. She is stunning and will bring you fascinating revelations if you decide to become her companion!

This ring is a size 11 with a real Ruby and real Ethiopian Fire Opals. This is also in sterling silver.

Divination Companion

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