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This piece was owned by Montague Summers. I got this from a relative of his lover who still lives in Bath England today. If you don’t know much about him I’m going to tell you the real history. I had a chance to read real letters from him to his lover. These letters were filled with love talk as well as daily life activities and the occult. Montague was gay and he was never a Catholic priest. I believe he started out wanting to be a priest but took interest in the occult and from there he took off on that path. He took very seriously what Aleister Crowley said about sacrificing infants and that he did so about 150 times a year! Was Aleister lying? I don’t know. I do know when we held a very high tech and yet medieval seance we heard the screams of babies. The letters were not for sale, sorry this is out of order but I need to explain why. The letters I couldn’t buy because the man knew they were worth money and he had them authenticated. This watch, he laughed at and he couldn’t get it authenticated as not everything can be. Had there been a picture of him with it, then he could have but pocket watches stay in the pocket. He told me the watch was supposed to do something as told to him by the relative but he laughed at it. He didn’t believe and was just a collector of things he could sell for high dollar. Extreme high dollar, well he screwed the pooch on this one! Montague was deeply invested in the occult and homosexuality. He knew and researched the hardest to find subjects from real vampires, real werewolves and real witches to name a few. I’m not talking about burning witches or legendary stories but the deepest and darkest magic around, the truly hidden. Look up some of his books, the early one that are not reprints are worth a lot! I will be adding one on next. Montague as he got older would sit for days with out eating and never get sick. This I read in one of the many letters. He even told his lover Chirous that he was working on a way to transport him with himself. THAT got me interested! I asked the guy if he knew it to be true about him really not eating or drinking for days just sitting in a chair. He said he did hear it and was told it was true but he laughed . I asked how? He laughed and said “ I guess he ate oxygen”. So you see he thought it was just all BS. I can now assure you it wasn’t! I was so excited I could barely stand still, I was like a hyperactive child! While I wanted to stay I still also wanted to leave and get to work on the watch. And so I did. What does this do? Omg! This holds all his experiences and knowledge but that’s not all. That’s not even the half of it! But let me explain that first. Okay, so he traveled all over and I think first as checking out demons and how to call them, recognizing them in human form as angels of white light can be in human form too. He went DEEP! He was able to locate real ancient vampires and werewolves and obtain the purest of power from them. In one of the letters he said this was because he was a homosexual and homosexuals held a higher emotional level. He said it opened them up more to the unseen universe. He said like Crowley said the males held a higher blood magic and this is why he only sacrificed male infants. I would have thought it would be the other way around, but what do I know, I don’t sacrifice babies! Although I have been accused of it years ago on another forum along with killing dogs but that’s just as insane as the person who said it. The most important part to me. This watch sets you forward and back into multiple dimensions. This also allows for real time travel! While time travel is beyond amazing what is more so is definitely dimensional travel! I personally used it just for that because to me it’s really fascinating when you see yourself living another life that’s right in front of your eyes and yet so different! I literally mean if you stretch out your hand you are in another dimension but you can’t see it! Scientists have proven this so it’s not just about magic or the occult but scientific as well. So far I believe there are 16 dimensions found, don’t hold me to the exact number! I have seen enough though to know as a fact they exist and that we can get to them and see ourselves. I also know that since this watch absorbs it can absorb all the good in the dimensions you view. The experiences, knowledge of other family, gifts, natural talents and memories along with the magic of it all. I believe Montague found something in France that brought him to this knowledge. I feel this way because of one of the letters. He had said he attended a secret meeting of which the powers that be reserved for the few elite and knowledgeable. He then went on to say how it was the most important discovery he had made and that he could see himself in the future. He even went on to say the “ occult instrument” was used and would be used beyond his century to rule the world in a most evil way. He said while many thought the old ways were lost that we are all “ I am” but that the I am could go both ways and the way of a century forward to him would be using it to create an elemental wealth of both mind and physicality. He saw wars like we see today and the destruction of the church forever. He said it would be gone and never on Terra? To come back. This is just some of what I read. When I was done he said, he was quite an odd deviant wasn’t he? I was just shocked at what I read and remember I couldn’t at that time wait to leave after the last letter. I was going to leave earlier but he said he had more, I wasn’t going to pass it up and that’s when I read the rest. The guy couldn’t care less what was in the letters but only what he thought would bring him money. I did try to buy them but the price was ridiculous crazy! I mean off the charts! I doubt he will get what he’s asking and maybe if he doesn’t he will contact me. I left him my number in his phone and my email address, so hopefully! This is a piece I really can say I love! It’s a living piece! It can’t be reproduced unless you did it while either in his dimension or in backward time travel. This is one of a kind, it’s 800 silver marked inside and with the key! Do you know how hard that is to get? Someone had to know what this was. The chain I believe is rolled gold and the end has a real opal, another element with water and that piece might be regular gold. Inside is also the crowns mark for silver. There are instructions etched into the watch on the inside on how to wind it.

Good luck to whomever gets this first. Remember the sale only goes to January 6th same as every other year.

Definitely read!

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