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This piece is at least 500 plus years old if not older. This was a male magicians ring who dealt in death and revenge. Sorry guys but these things do exist. This isn’t pleasant for the person who will experience it. Is there karma? If the person deserves it, no! If the person did no wrong, yes! So don’t go using it because someone gave you a look at the store. Also some people just look like that. Cases when you can use it. Your life is being destroyed by some psychopath just because they can. Someone intentionally killed a friend or family member. Even if on accident if they don’t care, go ahead and use it! Ultimately the use or lack of is up to you. I have been be myself and keep it in my arsenal because you never know what’s coming down the road. I will be honest, if I was in Israel and my family or child was killed, they are going to die a horrible death! I’m not playing! I love how the propaganda on TV shows bloody hands for the Palestinians but I guess they didn’t care a crap about the Jews? This ring has a scorpion on it and it surely stings!

Death and Revenge

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