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Cleopatra VII, the last active pharaoh of ancient Egypt and she was known to be so charismatic! What type did she possess? She was captivating in so many way, thus doesn’t even account for her supernatural powers

Here is a list of what she had and could do. She was alluring and beautiful! She used her looks in the political arena and so can you. She also used them for business dealings, as can you! Through just her beauty alone she was able to influence people of both sexes. Stories of her being ugly were false.

Not only was she beautiful but she had intelligence and a great wit about her. She spoke multiple languages and can help you with that too. She was fluent!

She was not just a leader but knew her politics too. She was extremely strategic in her thinking, combining that with her charisma and intelligence she made great alliances. These greatly benefited her and her people.

Cleopatra was also extremely exotic and knew the mystical magic of her country. This magic she also used on a daily basis. I have read in old documents that technically she did have charisma and intelligence but wasn’t beautiful. It was said that she used the magic/ supernatural power to change her looks. Even her eyes could change to purple or appear as someone wanted her to. Not really as they wanted her to but that she KNEW what they found most attractive! So if she had 5 men she was doing business with all of them would see her differently. Now that’s wild! We have tested this after making it according to a very old diary we have. It worked. We used a certain person to test them who we knew if men went for her, it worked! The piece is not sterling silver and so the price will reflect that along with how well it works!

Cleopatra’s Influence

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