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Channeling Of Ancients


Channeling of Ancients

This piece is a rare antique. What it is made of is unknown. How we got it is known to me very well.

This piece is worn around the neck and can be worn by anyone. You will be able to channel Dominions, Ishim’s, Azrael, Cherubs, Archangels and Thrones. These angelic beings will help you to channel others. With this piece you will become a full Medium with benefits.

These benefits are Xenoglossy. This means you will understand any language they speak in. This also includes the angelic language.

You will have energy medicine which means healing through angelic energy.

True prophecy of future life events for you and others.

Full Bilocation along with Dermo Optical Perception. This means you will see and feel the spirits or angels if you choose to.

While wearing the piece you may engage in automatic writing.

You will also have full telepathy among other things. The possibility of levitation is on the table. Sometimes it happens and other times it doesn’t. I think it depends on the message or conversation being had or given.

I got this in New Orleans years ago. This one was given to me by an Ishim angel in bilocation. This was handed directly to me. When my hand touched the hand of the Ishim whose name was a sound I can’t make, I felt my entire body become light yet electrical. I knew my head was then like a direct point of power. I know I could direct my energy or anything I wanted onto another.

Azrael has helped me to call upon those humans who have now passed. I have had many experiences ( to many to count) with this piece. I know there is nothing else like it, period!

My guess is this is made of brass. That’s only a guess though. It’s definitely some kind of metal. It is definitely an antique.

Channeling Of Ancients

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