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Bright Ones

The Bright Ones are another name for high intelligence Wiccan Fairies. This particular ring is a Fairy ring, as in ring. Each gorgeous stone is a family and the center stone protects the realm. Each family is a Wiccan Fairy family. If you have not heard of these, please look them up. They are very helpful and of HIGH intelligence! This makes them very knowledgeable in both human Wiccan practices and the Fairy Wiccan practices. They are able to combine both magics for potent results. The Wiccan practice from the Fairy realm is stronger but they combine it with what humans need and this covers everything you could think of. These Fairies still carry the same traits of others, no aging past a certain time, magical and able to move between realms as well as heal.

These are the sir names of the five families. Delascoosh, Fritzenberg, Glisten, Greenington and Blackthorn.

Each family will do what is asked of them and all families are highly knowledgeable and able to get done what you need.

Bright Ones

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