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The body of light is astral and the meaning of astral means of the stars. This first came from Plato who I know it sounds horrible but I never found interesting, yeah, I know! However some things I did and this is one of them. With Body of light meaning Astral and your body being able to travel it moves through planes which are the 7 Heavens. When this happens to you in THIS way it is a true souls journey, but no one wants to be dead so instead you will feel ecstatic! This will be a true out of body experience! You will move through higher realms bringing back with you a higher knowledge and understanding of the world you live in. While that might not seem interesting to you, trust me it is. When you can see peoples core and see who they really are can you imagine what you can do? I have tested this a very, very long time ago and just recently to see if it still had it! After all I was sick and coughing until I nearly passed out so there wasn’t much else to do except test items as I wasn’t going anywhere! I also played with my human leg bone with the giant magnifying glass and this Egyptian sword which I now have to take down and rewrite! Good for you guys and for me too as there is a lot to that bad boy! Hopefully no one figures it out before I up the price, LOL!!!

How I tested this the first time was I held it in my hand after turning it into a ring, it’s a real stone. Then I began to astral travel which took awhile simply because I was testing an item and you never know how it’s going to go. Example right now Lindy got this Raggedy Ann doll and Andy and they are not evil but automatically you think of the Warrens! We don’t do a lot of dolls because of my own personal reasons. It has taken three months to test them before we could find out what’s going on, then we knew! That’s for another time though. Back to this piece now. I traveled to the first heaven and had to come back just as I was on the verge of the second. That didn’t stop me from gaining an ability though. The next day I had to go over a friends , well so called friend. The kind that you don’t need an enemy, that kind. She wasn’t mean to me but she did crap to Lindy and I didn’t like it and I let her know. I had to do this while keeping the peace and those of you who know me, know I’m not the best at it. Her husband was worse! He was a bully to those he was in charge of is all I will say about him. He tortured them if he could and he could, he would laugh and come home with stories about them all and laugh. He is why some people don’t like certain people in certain positions, he’s way more than a bad apple. One day prior to me testing this piece he did something bad to Lindy when I wasn’t around. I can’t tell you what I did to him but the fear of God on fire was instilled in him but still it wasn’t enough for me. So one day after the testing I was over there and he was there too which he’s scared of me now. All of a sudden I know something totally disgusting about him and his brother!!! I looked at him and asked him how could anyone do that and what the heck was wrong with him! Then I said to him I bet all those people you treat like crap would love to know this! Never again did he bother Lindy and his face went white! This was a secret only he and his brother knew. Of course I never would have told because of his mother who I liked extremely a lot! But he didn’t know that. From then on he acted like a perfect person when I was around. He had also done some other things too though. I let him borrow my ex’s truck and he made fun of it. Who does that? I called him opossum face. He looked like one to me. I eventually got to moving through all heavens and picked up a lot plus the ability to just lay down and travel without it. Like I said I have had it a long time. The body of light activation is exceptional and I’m pretty sure you will enjoy it! You can also string this and not wear it as a ring.

Body of Light

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