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We are renting out Block Island this year. The dates are October 12th check in to October 19th check out. This is a Saturday to Saturday. You need to either take the Ferry over, which you can drive your car into or by private plane. Most people use the Ferry. There are lots of celebrities on the Island who live there year round. Christopher Walken is just one of them. He’s very friendly but don’t disturb him while he’s eating. He loves his food! Block Island is EXTREMELY LIBERAL!!!! So, don’t bring up politics! There are plenty of haunted areas and the Labyrinth is like a soul transformation, it’s all good spiritual stuff when you come out of there.

The good restaurants are Po boys, the Mohegan where you can often see Walken. There is Club soda which is a locals bar and you can walk to it from your home.

To find the haunted areas there are videos on YouTube about them and a walking tour. There is also a grocery store that is expensive so it’s suggested that you grocery shop in Narragansett before getting on the Ferry. You need to make a reservation for the Ferry as soon as you know you want to go.

The scenery will remind you of Ireland! The wind blows and you can roll down a hill out your back door. This is a place for quiet and amazing history, beaches as well as exploring. You can rent a motorbike to get around the island including the beaches. There is horseback riding on the beach and if you walk that beach the things you will find are exotic, rare and antiques. They used to crash ships there to take what they had. These items are always washing up on the shore. There are many ships including antique and library. The week you go is the last week things are open. Mohegan restaurant, Po boys and Club Soda are open year round. The labyrinth is open 24 hours and free. It’s a walk you take to transform your spirit.

The trip must be paid for by September. The living room has a sleeper sofa so you can fit 4 in the room. It’s a one bedroom with full kitchen, pots, pans, utensils, coffee maker, dishes, full size fridge and stove, etc.

October Saturday to Saturday October 12th check in/ check out on the 19t

Must be paid by September 1st


The pictures are exactly where you will stay. The short set of steps is where you go in. Out the black you can sit and relax or roll down the giant hill. The pool is open and heated. You just ask for it to be open and it takes all of 5 minutes. The tennis courts are also open as is the game room. A picture is included of all the amenities.

A definite place to see! This is right on the island.

Off Corn Neck Road is a trail lined with small stones, with a beautiful view of the North Light and Sachem Pond. This labyrinth is a single winding path that leads to a center point and back out. Walking labyrinths like these is an ancient ritual. People report that labyrinths heal body and soul. It’s on the west side of the road, halfway down the hill to Sachem Pond. Look for wooden steps over the stone wall.

Block Island Trip 2024

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