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Astral Cannibalism

Long ago, an astral cult court existed in a realm unnamed. The astral beings often looked for human bodies as portals to operate, which involved passing messages to persons. Their sacred communication were usually warnings about safety, what a person can do to meet with an opportunity, or notify people about a sick loved one. 

They were in support of the human race and to protect them from extraterrestrial evil. As reported in a gaia's study report, the members had direct contact with the Almighty's angels, which was where they got all their information from. However, the secret to being connected to the angels was a yearly ritual performance conducted by the topmost member. A long mysterious ritual creates a noetic connection of astral souls with heavenly intelligence. The rite also made it possible to connect with terrestrial souls without being corrupted. 

The Member Supreme (leader) performs this right, wearing a piece of jewelry. It was conducted in The Hidden Secret (al-Sirr al-Maktūm), a place in tunnels of dungeons beneath the earliest human civilizations. 

Somehow, a member became compromised and corrupted with evil. She annihilated the Member Supreme before he could perform the right for that year. She thought she could do it and get all the powers to herself. A step missed in the ritual process means no ritual at all. She flopped. The consequence? Astral cannibalism. The celestial souls now feed on the souls of the humans whose bodies they inhabit, even if briefly. They absorb all the energy of a person. If the individual has a supernatural power, too, it is collected. 

As long as this ornament is on, every soul's energy ever absorbed since the upthrow, they are stored within the piece and activated when an individual uses it.  

That’s a heck of a lot of supernatural power! This isn’t something anyone should be without! This piece is very old and is almost to the soul like a compass. The little parts on move in their time, not ours. Each dot and line is a power. Again, this is very old but a well made antique pendant.

Astral Cannibalism

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  • Light a small incense and then wear.

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