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Sterling Silver Mens Bracelet

Carefully and powerfully sculpted, the Sterling Silver Piece was carefully made from pure human and animal essence and is found just within the magical pyramids of Mexico. The Sterling Silver Piece dates back centuries ago when gods walked the earth as men and bestowed their boon on humans. Made by the priests of the Temple of the Sun and Temple of the Moon, the piece is highly potent and has immense magical powers. Devotees of the Sun and Moon Temples used earlier versions of the Sterling Silver Piece for worship but when they noticed the blessings and powers that they conferred, the piece became even more reverent. The ancient Aztec priests would ascend to a magical place where they had the power to create magic and living beings. They had control over their magic and brought forth wonderful beings to comfort the broken, heal the sick, and make the poor wealthy. The legend of their power arises from the legend of creation narrating how the world was destroyed and rebuilt four times, each rebuild led by a sun god. The last sun god remains the powerful and magic-granting god that provides all the magical powers for creating live beings. Today, modern followers of the sun god know that the Sterling Silver Piece brings magical fortune, and the ability to create magic. Although the boon is no longer expressed in physical magical creatures, the magic is no less potent. The magic is activated by tracing the sinuous images and muttering your wishes. The abalone, a time-tested magical resource, adds to the sweet scent of magic. Today, you can create your situation by calling the magic of the Sterling Silver Piece. Reignite your passion. Rediscover yourself. Build your life. Bring your dreams to reality. All you want to be and all that you can be made possible with the magical creative power of the potent Sterling Silver Piece. Launch into a new magical realm with purpose. Let the Sterling Silver Piece guide you to create a new life for yourself. Ascend and transition into a life powered by the ancient creative force.

What does this do? Ascension and transition into what and who you want to be. This is a heavy spiritual bracelet made for men but women can use it. If you are a woman it will take a lot longer to work. Ascension with this bracelet means to elevate into anything you want.

Again, sorry for the repeating of the words, but it’s for google.

This bracelet is heavy with some gold and enamel on it. This is a well made vintage bracelet.

Ascension, Transition, Life In Supernatural

SKU: 79229
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