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This isn’t your average pendulum at all. You can use it as it is to tap into your own intuition as most are used. With this one you have options! It’s always good to have options! The little glass ball on this one will hold any spirit you want it to while you do your session. I have one more but I’m going to do it with questions you guys have and the spirit of your choosing. I think that’s would be great. I just have to figure out the day and find my other one. So to use this you will hold it in your palm with your palm open. Call out to the spirit by name you want to use. I was using this one and called to this one spirit and I couldn’t believe how stupid he was! It was truly an eye opener especially if you knew who he was! Then I called out to speak to Tesla and Einstein to learn more about the Philadelphia experiment. That was really a great session! There was a lot of psyop on that from the government. We were definitely lied to which I already knew but the depth of it is crazy! Anyway this is a really good piece! The spirit resides only during the session in the little ball on top and is released on its own when you are done. Easy peasy!

Any Spirit, Any Time, Any Question

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