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Antique pin with real stone set in gold. The stone dates thousands of years. The pin from the early 1800’s. One of a kind. The connection with the piece is easy. That information is given to the owner. I do know many of the supernatural powers as I have been working with this. As far as the angels names you can’t ask because it depends all on which one or ones are coming to help you. There are angels I have never even heard of that come through but all are unique and amazing!

We found this piece during an astral investigation that we were on in the Garden of Eden. During this investigation, we discovered something called the angelic archive. I've told you all the Eden is now the default to a class of warrior angels that will help in the battle between good and evil during the end-times war. As such, Eden has also been chosen to be the home to the angelic archive, which is an archive that has information on how to summon every single angel that exists or has ever existed. It doesn't matter whether the angel was an archangel or a fallen angel the information on how to summon their presence is there. This is how we created this piece. This piece summons the presence of the 200 Watchers, which are the fallen angel that came to Earth in ancient times and created the Nephilim. These 200 angels hold 200 ancient powers, one separate power for each fallen angel that there is. These are secret powers that will be revealed to you after you make the connection to your piece. You must connect to the piece and allow it to show you the powers. They are very powerful and ancient powers that hold Biblical magic. Do not email and ask us what these powers are or what the angels' names are, because we cannot give them to you. You must get these from the piece itself, as a way of enlightenment and earning the secrets.

Angelic Archive

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